5 Ways You Can Use Your Garage Sale Revenue

Written by Mario Flawless
October 14, 2021
5 Ways You Can Use Your Garage Sale Revenue

When you’re coming to the end of a successful Garage Sale, it can be hard to think up ways that you could use your added Garage Sale revenue.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways in which you can make productive use of this extra money:

1) Put Your Garage Sale Revenue In A Traditional Savings Account For A Rainy Day

This is a Garage Sale classic! Having cash in savings gives you an easy way to access extra money when you’re caught short, or need some emergency funds. Savings accounts can offer a way to watch your money grow over time with an account that gains interest. Although the interest rates are below 1%, this is a passive way to allow your garage sale revenue to grow.

2) Put Your Garage Sale Revenue In A Retirement Account Or IRA

Hands up if you’re planning to retire someday! If that’s the case then it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to be prepared for retirement. Nest eggs, pensions and other retirement accounts may be the answer to your Garage Sale revenue needs. With early Garage Sale planning, you can add any spare change or small Garage Sale funds into these kinds of accounts for a chance to make them grow.

Another ideal option would be to start an IRA account because you can contribute up to $5,500 for the year and that Garage Sale money would be a great way to start! This Garage Sale cash can then grow throughout your lifetime, providing you with a comfortable income during retirement.

3) Put Your Garage Sale Revenue In Savings For Your Child’s Education

This has become a popular choice for Garage Sale patrons in recent years. Putting the money that you make in Garage Sales savings will enable you to set up your children with a solid education fund, without placing too much pressure on yourself financially. Because we all know that education is a costly affair!

4) Put Your Garage Sale Revenue In Your Crypto Wallet

The Garage Sale cash that you have earned could be a great addition to your crypto wallet. Although it seems like a risky investment, your Garage Sale revenue is an opportunity to test out how well cryptocurrencies work for you by placing a small amount of Garage Sale revenue into crypto during this early stage. You can invest in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With Garage sale revenue, you would be able to purchase a fraction of either crypto or even both at the same time!

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5) Put Your Garage Sale Revenue In Your Business

If you own a business, Garage Sale funds can be invaluable. It is possible to use Garage Sale revenue as the initial investment for your small enterprise. You can use the revenue to purchase materials and supplies, software, tools, furniture, and anything else that could be useful for your business.

Another great idea is to put the revenue into marketing your business. Have you considered getting a new website design for your small business or a mobile app for your business?

Garage Sales are also the perfect opportunity to test out how well your product will sell before investing heavily in it. Put your own products on display at your garage sales to test the market and get direct feedback from shoppers.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Garage Sale Revenue Summary

There are way more than 5 ways you can use your garage sale revenue but the all-time favorite suggested use is to save! There are a variety of accounts where you can save money for yourself, your children’s education, your retirement, your crypto wallet, and your business. Each of these ways can grow the revenue passively, as long as you don’t withdraw the money too early (like with your IRA account).

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you think of some productive Garage Sale revenue uses! If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends and family! If you’re looking for a place to market your garage sale, check out our My Garage Sale App!


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