Everything You Need To Host An Effective Garage Sale

Written by Mario Flawless
October 9, 2021
Everything You Need To Host An Effective Garage Sale

Garage sales are one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted items with little effort but setting one up requires a few things. Having the right tools helps you host an effective garage sale.

Here is a list of items you’ll need to make sure you host an effective garage sale that goes off without a hitch:

In order to host an effective garage sale, you should have tables, signs, price tags, a cash box, a calculator, a notepad and pencils, a flashlight, lemonade supplies, a blanket or tarp for sitting/laying items on, a sturdy garbage bin, and storage bins for those extra items too big to sell on the spot.


You’re going to need to start with a few sturdy tables to display your garage sale items. Some garage sales prefer the cheapest option of using card tables; others go for pricier foldable tables that can fold up and be tucked away. Use your discretion based on the items you’re selling and how much room you have for this garage sale. It’s important to set up your garage sale so that it’s similar to a retail store. Separate items by sections so that you can host an effective garage sale that isn’t cluttered or unorganized.


When advertising your garage sale, you’ll need signs to put up in your neighborhood. The more visible the sign, the better so try placing these signs near busy intersections or places where many people go by every day. You can use poster boards, paint supplies, and duct tape to create a large sign for maximum visibility or you can simply purchase a garage sale sign kit that contains bright-colored, vibrant signs that you can add your address to and hang.

Price Tags

You’ll need some price tags in order to let people know how much they should pay for things at your garage sale. You can pick up a pack of 100 price tags for just over $5, or a pack of 500 for around $10, and a pack of 1,000 price tags for around $13-$15.


The cashbox is where you will keep all of the cash from sales. You’ll need a sturdy and secure cash box that has a slot for bills and coins so you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing the cash. Keep your cash box visible at all times and keep the key on you to prevent any theft or unauthorized access to your monies.


A calculator is helpful to use when you have to do short math equations quickly, such as figuring out whether or not the sale price is a good deal. It’ll also help you figure out how much money to put in your cashbox.

Notepad And Pencils

Having a notepad and pencils will help you keep track of all the items you’re selling and for how much. This will also help you figure out what needs to be marked down more in price, if necessary.

Instead of using a calculator, notepad, and pencils, opt in to use the new My Garage Sale App. It includes all of the items listed above plus much more that will help you generate higher sales.


Garage sales are usually only during the day so it helps to have a flashlight nearby in case someone wants to check out an item at night. A small, bright flashlight will come in handy for navigating dark or cluttered spaces and illuminating dark corners. To host an effective garage sale, you have to be ready for a lot of different situations and a flashlight is a great tool to always have on hand.

Lemonade Supplies

If you’re hosting your garage sale outside, it helps to have some lemonade supplies nearby for thirsty customers who want a drink of water or something cold to eat. You’ll need cups, ice, lemons/limes, sugar cubes, and pitchers that are easy to carry around with you as you sell items.

Blanket Or Tarp For Sitting Items On

You’ll need a blanket or tarp for placing your items on so they stay clean and don’t get damaged while people are browsing them. Place your tarps or blankets down on the ground and place some of your bigger, heavier items on top so customers can browse through them without you having to hold them up. This expands the area where you can host an effective garage sale by utilizing your yard in addition to the driveway and garage.

Sturdy Garbage Bin

Finally, you’ll need some sort of sturdy garbage bin to place all of your unwanted items in. You can use an old garbage bag or even just a cardboard box if there are no nearby stores that will take away your junk for free. Be sure to label it as “JUNK” so people don’t try to rummage through it and find anything valuable.

Now that you know what you need before starting your garage sale, you’re ready to host an effective garage sale.


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