How To Set Up A Successful Lemonade Stand

Written by Mario Flawless
October 19, 2021
How To Set Up A Successful Lemonade Stand

It’s difficult for kids nowadays to make money during garage sales because there aren’t really jobs made for kids. But one successful way they can make some cash is by setting up a successful lemonade stand. It’s incredibly easy once you know how to set up a successful lemonade stand. You may not think that it would be profitable but when you calculate the cost of what you put in your drink, the price, and how much profit you will get from each cup, it is actually pretty well worth it!

Not only will this help them with their money situation but also teach them about business and responsibility which can lead to success later in life.

This article contains information on how to set up a successful lemonade stand as well as tips for successful selling.

How to set up a successful lemonade stand, step-by-step:

Purchase the supplies and ingredients: When you first start out, there are quite a few things that you will need — lemons, sugar, ice, cups, pitcher, and a table. Once you have all of your supplies and ingredients together then you can begin making your lemonade. If you don’t want to make your own juice (which is highly recommended as store-bought juices contain unnecessary preservatives) you can easily buy lemon juice or even frozen concentrate.

Determine the lemonade flavors

You can create different types of lemonade by adding ice and fruit to the mixture before serving. People love when their drinks are customizable so you may want to consider creating multiple flavors and letting them decide which one they want.

Raspberry and lemon lemonades Here are some really easy lemonade flavor ideas you can whip up in seconds. All you have to do is blend some fruit with your lemonade. This is a perfect example of how to set up a successful lemonade stand that makes your lemonade stand… stand out!

Flavor Ideas:
blueberry lemonade
raspberry lemonade
strawberry lemonade
peach lemonade

Sugar or Sweetener?

The next question that needs answering is whether your customers want sugar in their lemonade because this will determine how much sugar you need. If someone wants sweet lemonade then you will need about ¾ cup of sugar for every 1 liter of water; if they do not want any sugar, just a lemon flavor, then you will want to use about 1 ½ tablespoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice for every cup of water.

Serve the lemonade: Once your successful lemonade stand has all of its supplies and ingredients, it is now time to start serving! Make sure that everyone knows the price before they take a drink so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay.

You can either set up your successful lemonade stand in front of your garage sale or simply just bring out some cups with ice and let people come by themselves to buy if they so desire. Either way is perfectly fine because this successful lemonade stand should attract customers whether you decide to serve them yourself or not.

Make sure everything looks good: To encourage successful selling, make sure that you look your best! Sometimes putting on some makeup or styling your hair can give you the extra boost of confidence that will help with successful selling.

Tips for successful selling:

-Be polite and kind; people love to see children running lemonade stands because it shows responsibility and maturity.

-You may need to bring out more cups if sales are going particularly well because let’s face it—people like free things even if they don’t cost anything!

-Make sure you clean up any messes that may occur during successful selling because nobody likes a messy table.

-If you are successful enough to make enough money for yourself, do not be greedy! Leave some cups out for other people who may want one or two more drinks.

-Attract more attention as well with a big sign promoting the lemonade stand.

A lemonade stand is an excellent way to gain more money for your children and teach them about money and retail. Plus, they will have fun doing it. Read this article with your children before you set up the stand so that your children will also know how to set up a successful lemonade stand while you set up your profitable garage sale. With some time, patience, and lots of hard work, your successful lemonade stand will be complete with all of its supplies and ingredients ready to go. Good luck!


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