10 Tips to Make The Most Money At Your Garage Sale

Written by Mario Flawless
September 20, 2021
10 Tips to Make The Most Money At Your Garage Sale

You spent all weekend cleaning out your garage, and now you’re ready to have a garage sale. Before you put up those signs or before you publish your garage sale to the My Garage Sale App, here are 10 things that will help make the most money at your garage sale.

10 Tips to Make The Most Money At Your Garage Sale

1 It’s important to price everything so people know what they’re getting into – if it’s too expensive, people won’t buy it. But if it’s too cheap, people might think there is something wrong with the item or that you don’t want to sell it because its condition isn’t good enough. Price your items based on the quality, rarity, and condition of the items. By properly pricing your items, you increase the chance to make the most money at your garage sale.

2 Clean up! A messy yard can turn away potential buyers who may not want to spend their time sorting through piles of clothes and toys just for one thing they need. Mow the lawn, pick up any debris, and sweep the driveway to keep a pristine garage sale.

3 Don’t be afraid to haggle. Most people are open to the idea, especially if you let them know that’s how you make your living. At the end of the day, it’s all business! If your goal is to simply declutter and make additional space, then price your items low and offer deals to get your items sold quickly.

4 Make sure everything is spic and span before putting it out for sale. People will want to feel like they’re getting a good deal on clean items. If you want to make the most money at your garage sale, clean all of your for-sale items with an all-purpose cleaner and a rag. The extra time you spend making sure the items look good, the more likely a person will buy the items.

5 Use eye-catching signs to draw attention to your yard sale but don’t overdo it with too many words or bright colors that may overwhelm potential customers. Also, make sure your signs are large enough for cars driving by to see from at least 50 feet away. Busy intersections are a garage sale sign’s best friend.

6 After setting up shop, keep an eye on your things until everyone leaves or hire someone trustworthy to help you. If you leave, make sure everything is safely in the house so no one walks off with something you worked hard for. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there and you wouldn’t want any of your stuff to go missing. Garage sale theft is a real problem but there is a guide for you to know what you can do to prevent it the best you can.

7 Although it may seem like a great idea to sell lots of items that are your absolute favorite, people really want bargains. Try to part with things that aren’t worth much but will attract potential buyers searching for good deals. It’s a good idea to have a wide variety of items to attract different types of buyers. Clothes, tools, home decor, and furniture are the most popular garage sale items that encourage people to actually get out of their vehicle when window shopping.

8 Don’t be tempted to spend all the money right away; put aside some money after each sale for yourself! You might need another garage sale later on down the road if you run out of stuff or get more donations after future yard sales. This money that you put away can fund the next round of signs, lemonade for the lemonade stands, new display tables, price tags, and anything else you may need to run a successful, profitable garage sale.

9 Remember to pack up and remove everything when the sale is finished! It is important not to litter by leaving things out overnight.

10 Have fun! You worked hard and managed to clean everything out of your garage. Now, you get the chance to make the most money at your garage sale while having a good time with friends and family at your own little yard sale. Remember these tips and you’re sure to be successful next time!

I hope you find this helpful and I wish you luck on your future garage sales!


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