5 Best Selling Garage Sale Items on My Garage Sale App

Written by Mario Flawless
September 25, 2021
5 Best Selling Garage Sale Items on My Garage Sale App

5 Best Selling Garage Sale Items on the My Garage Sale App

If you’re like me, you love to get a bargain. My favorite place for this is at garage sales. I’ve been going to them since before I could walk. The 5 best selling garage sale items that have come from my own personal experience running a mobile app designed specifically for buying and selling goods in your neighborhood are listed below:

5) Clothing – it seems people always need something new in their wardrobe

4) Books – when they can’t afford new ones or when they just want some new reading material

3) Baby stuff – especially clothes, toys, strollers, etc.

2) Sports equipment – skateboards, skis, bikes, etc.

1) Electronics – this includes everything from video games to televisions!

Garage Sale Clothing

I like to look out for garage sales that are selling other people’s unwanted clothing. Clothes can be expensive, especially if you’re buying them brand-new at the store. If you find them used at a garage sale, you can get an even better deal! It’s not uncommon for parents to sell lightly used summer clothes once school starts back up again either. Just remember that since they’re usually sold as-is, wear your bargaining hat and ask questions about anything that might seem questionable to you.

Buying Books At Garage Sales

Some people love to read books so much that they don’t even mind buying a used copy if it saves them a few dollars. This is especially true with fiction books, where there are tons of different titles from millions of different authors. There’s also plenty of nonfiction books you can find as well. Garage sale goodies definitely include those old textbooks from college! If you run across these 10 books at a garage sale, you should buy them!

Baby stuff

Since babies grow up so fast, it’s also not uncommon for parents to unload their baby stuff at garage sales. If you’re looking into having a child of your own soon, then this is definitely an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! You can find clothes, toys, strollers, and pretty much any other item you could possibly think of.

Sports equipment

This one may come as no surprise. Garage sales are the perfect place to buy sports equipment because people who sell them usually don’t mind getting rid of them once they no longer use them or aren’t able to use them anymore. Some common items include skateboards, skis, bikes (especially kids’ bikes), baseballs bats and helmets, snowboards/skis, scooters, etc.

When you see heavier sports equipment at garage sales, you can almost guarantee you’ll be getting a HUGE discount. Most people have difficulty getting rid of large sports items like workout machines, ping pong tables, and punching bags because of how awkward and heavy the items are. Most people will sell these items at 90% off of their retail value if you can simply haul it away.

Electronics – especially video games

As I’ve stated before, garage sales are the perfect place to sell stuff that you no longer use or need anymore. This is definitely true with things like old video game systems because kids get bored of them so quickly! If someone isn’t using one anymore, they should be willing to get rid of it for a low price at a garage sale. Other general electronics will also be sold at these events as well, including televisions and stereos. You can find practically anything technological that was made in the past 5 years pretty easily.

BONUS: Scrap Metal (like refrigerators & washing machines)

A lot of people will give away their old, broken refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, old metal pipes, and other large items that are made out of metal. These can actually make you money if you can get them to a metal recycling center. Heavy items like fridges are difficult to get rid of, especially when in non-working order. People will put these out for free with a “free” sign when they’re trying to get rid of them. And as I mentioned, you can simply take the free scrap metal to metal recycling centers to earn a few quick bucks.

Which Is Your Favorite Item From The 5 Best Selling Garage Sale Items?

Clothing, books, baby stuff, sports equipment, and electronics are the 5 best selling garage sale items on the My Garage Sale App. So if you’re looking for your next bargain purchase, head on down to your local neighborhood garage sale this weekend! Happy hunting!

Is there something that you see that’s more dominant than these 5 best selling garage sale items? Drop a comment below and let us know!


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