My Garage Sale App: How I used it in my garage sale

Written by Mario Flawless
September 19, 2021
My Garage Sale

My name is Mario and I am a huge fan of the new “My Garage Sale App” and I’m a huge fan of shopping at yard sales. I LOVE going to them with my wife, kids, and friends. My wife can’t stand it since I always spend more money than we make from the sale! In fact, she’ll often go as far as asking me not to go as it’s just as much about the journey as it is finding those hidden gems.

When she showed me My Garage Sale App on her phone one day, I knew this would be my new favorite thing since Craigslist! You see… Craigslist has been a garage sale person’s best friend for a long time now, but there is still some trepidation when you come across an ad online. You don’t know if you can trust the ad, or what exactly is behind it.

My Garage Sale App eliminates all of that fear and makes selling these items with just a few swipes very appealing! Besides, who wouldn’t want to find out about great bargains before everyone else? That’s where My Garage Sale App comes in . . . this is THE app for finding garage sales near you or anywhere in your state! Imagine driving by an old house filled with stuff and knowing they’ll be moving soon so EVERYTHING MUST GO! This is what My Garage Sale App offers . . . but with one HUGE difference: This app will help you decide which sales are truly worth stopping at.

My Garage Sale App allows me to see the items my neighbors are selling and how much they’re asking for them. I can also see what time they’ll be having their sale so I can decide if it’s worth coming out or not. In fact, My Garage Sale App makes it so easy to find a good deal on anything you need as a homeowner. Not only do I use this app whenever we have a garage sale, but also when my wife and kids buy things for our home! It has been invaluable in helping us choose which paint colors look best together and finding discounts on EVERYTHING from light bulbs to lawnmowers!

My Garage Sale App has added a whole new element of fun into our lives simply because we now have access to these great deals every day! I love how it shows all of the available sales in my state. Best of all, the app is free so you can download it today and start saving money on your next garage sale!

Plus, it’s only 4 steps to listing the garage sale on the app.

1. Add the address of your sale

2. Set the date & times you’re having the garage sale

3. List all of the items you’re selling

4. Hit “Publish” and voila! It’s live on the app and viewable by other users! The map shows where all local garage sales are happening as well as those that are closest to you (and even those far away . . . if they’re interesting enough). You can select or deselect which ones you want to show up on the map, too, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need fast!

What can My Garage Sale App do that paper signs don’t do?

One of the main benefits of using this app is you save time. Paper signs, no matter how many you have, start getting torn up with people touching them all over and stepping on them. With the app, there are so many great features for attracting people, holding their attention to your yard sale, letting them know about discounts and deals before they leave…it’s way too long to go into.

Paper signs are so last century. Why not rely on a modern platform to get your word out about your garage sale? My Garage Sale App has many features that will help you spread the word and drive sales, including discounts for early birds, notifications of new items in stock before they’re posted online, and customer testimonials from other sellers who have used it successfully. You can also upload pictures of all the goodies up for grabs at no cost! Check out the My Garage Sale App now to learn more about the app!


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