How Much Change For A Garage Sale

Written by Mario Flawless
November 7, 2021
How Much Change For A Garage Sale

This article will help shed some light on how much change for a garage sale so you can be prepared if it’s time to hold your own! How much change should you have on hand for when you run a garage sale? How many rolls of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies do you need to prepare for this event? How about the one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and ten-dollar bills. How many dollars in coins is enough to cover all transactions during a garage sale? A lot of people are not sure what the right answer is.

Why is it important to have change available at your garage sale?

It’s important to have change available because you want to be able to provide the customer with the exact change they are owed. But what amounts should you have on-hand?

It’s recommended to keep a “cash box” for your garage sales and it’s also a good idea to keep the cash box stocked with smaller bills and coins. That way you don’t have to scramble around on the day of your garage sale to muster up a bunch of change.

How Much Change For A Garage Sale in Coins?

You will need at least 5 rolls of quarters or 40 quarters, 2 rolls of dimes or 100 dimes, 3 rolls of nickels or 80 nickels, and 4 rolls of pennies or 200 pennies.

The total amount that that would yield is $68 in coins. How much is that for each roll? Each quarter roll is worth $10, each dime roll is worth $5, each nickel roll is worth $2, and each penny roll is worth $0.50.

How Much Change For A Garage Sale in Cash?

You will need at least 20 one-dollar bills, 10 five-dollar bills, and 8 ten-dollar bills. How much is that for each bill denomination? The total number of dollars needed for this event would be $150. How much is that per bill? You’ll need 20 one-dollar bills ($20), 10 fives ($50), 8 tens ($80).

Where can you get rolls of coins and smaller bills?

Your bank should be the first place you look if you need smaller bills and rolls of coins for your garage sale. Most banks will have a surplus of smaller bills and coin rolls for you as a banking customer.

Grocery stores can also provide smaller bills and coins but don’t be upset if they say no. Often, these stores have to order their own supply of coins and small bills for the same purpose, but with their retail operations. Some stores will happily allow you to exchange bills for coins and break big bills for smaller ones.

Where can I get a cashbox to store my garage sale cash and coins?

Amazon has quite a few really sturdy cash boxes under $25. Here’s an amazing metal cash box with a combination lock & security cable!

It’s important to get a durable, metal cash box with a lock for many reasons: 1. The lock will keep everyone honest when it comes to the cash money. 2. The metal box itself will be tougher to pry open than a plastic one. 3. The cable that connects this cash box to your wrist or nearby fixture is an added security measure.

It may be a good idea to pick up 2 cashboxes if you are running the garage sale while your kiddos set up a successsful lemonade stand. Allowing your kids to manage their own cashbox is a great way to teach them about money, transactions, and interacting with people. Just keep a close eye to ensure that they are being responsible with the cashbox. Don’t leave your children unattended at a garage sale with the cashbox.

Concluding How Much Change For A Garage Sale?

You should have $68 in change for large transactions at your garage sale and $150 in total dollars on-hand for smaller transactions, like buying candy or drinks from you or purchasing socks or other small items. This will make it super easy to provide the exact change for every transaction on a busy garage sale weekend!


  1. wanita smith

    Don’t use a cash box, invest in a Fanny Pack, or an Apron with pockets.

    • flawless

      Such a wonderful idea! I find the cashbox is good when running a garage sale with more than 1 person (usually my wife and kids are helping with the garage sale). Sometimes we run garage sales with our neighbors and it’s easy for everyone to access. But it is a security risk to leave a cash box laying around, so a person definitely has to be responsible and pay attention to the cash box at all times.

      My kids have a fanny pack for their “lemonade stands” and my wife and I keep the cash box close to the entrance of our home. We usually set up a little “cash register” spot by the front door or in front of the garage.


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